Liz Knowles

As travelers in airports, our choices are limited by the services and resources offered. However, you can take action for sustainability if you are willing to be conscientious and resourceful, and to plan ahead. 

  • Water choices. Bring your own reusable bottle and refill it at a water fountain. Drink a glass of tap water at an airport restaurant and forgo the water on the plane served in a plastic cup. 

  • Food choices. Bring food from home. Eat in restaurants to avoid purchasing plastic to-go containers. 

  • Travel choices. Travel to the airport in transportation that minimizes gas use per person: take a group taxi or use public transportation. Purchase carbon offsets yourself or ask whoever is booking the ticket to purchase offsets

  • Recycle. Find and use available recycling bins. 

  • Refuse and reduce. Refuse plastic bags when buying magazines, books, food, or other items in an airport shop. Only take as many napkins as you need at restaurants and shops. Only accept snacks and drinks on the plane if absolutely necessary and refuse the napkin if possible. Use the air dryers in the bathroom instead of paper towels. 

  • Reuse. If you have extra napkins, plastic cups, coffee cups, save and use later. Use the food containers you brought from home as a to-go box.

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