Laura Risk

You can ask promoters to include carbon offsets in your travel allowance, just as baggage fees and ground transportation are.

When asking a promoter to cover the cost of carbon offsets, it is helpful to briefly explain why you are asking and to include an estimate of the cost. Ask if the promoter would prefer to purchase the offsets outright or to reimburse you after you make the purchase.

I live in Canada so I usually purchase my offsets from Here’s a standard text that I use when writing to a promoter:

“I'm trying to be more environmentally conscious in my work-related travel. Would you be willing to cover carbon offsets as part of my travel costs? Offsets would cost approximately $_____CAN, according to, which handles offsets for Air Canada. Or you may have a different offsets company that you prefer to use. Thanks!”

To date, every promoter whom I have asked has said yes.

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